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October 2019


October 2nd, 2019|unknown pilot|

The Wall Street Journal has several gifted writers. Dan Neil is their automotive editor, and he is unusually literate, as are all the WSJ subject editors. After all, cars and airplanes are not merely utilitarian assemblies of nuts and bolts, [...]

August 2019


August 1st, 2019|unknown pilot|

Numerology is a belief in the mystical relationship between numbers and one or more coinciding event. That’s mostly bunk, but Divine Providence, well, that’s another matter entirely. The Guiding Hand employs numbers as a way of getting us wherever we’re [...]

July 2019


July 1st, 2019|unknown pilot|

“All but one man died There at Bitter Creek And they say he ran away Branded Scorned as the one who ran What do you do when you’re branded And you know you’re a man?” Actor Chuck Connors wasn’t just [...]

June 2019

JUNE – #4 – Epilogue

June 22nd, 2019|unknown pilot|

EPILOGUE Well, I never contracted polio, but I did get two more of those shots; bad things always come in threes. Confederate General Jeb Stuart said: “Always mystify, mislead, and confuse your enemy.” I did the best I could, but [...]

JUNE – #3 – The Chase

June 15th, 2019|unknown pilot|

THE CHASE Never taking “the eye” off his prey, the doctor slowly approached the white cabinet, and sure enough, he pulled out a needle the size of a sled. It was one of those metal frame jobs with a needle [...]

JUNE – #2 – The Deal

June 8th, 2019|unknown pilot|

THE DEAL Our town doctor was not the sensitive type. He was a big man, really big, with the large fleshy hands that only a doctor can have. As I recall, he drove a Jaguar and liked to race with [...]

JUNE – #1 – He Walks Among us

June 1st, 2019|unknown pilot|

He Walks Among us, but who…? Your newsletter editor gathers, organizes, and publishes items of interest to the Aeroclub’s membership. All of us need to know the dates of upcoming meetings and programs, but we miss an opportunity by not [...]