Special Guest

My name is Ron May, and I am the founder of Life Story Books.  The seeds for this company ​were planted over 22 years ago when my grandfather was dying of cancer.  My wife was pregnant with our first child at the time, and it grieved me to know that my children would never know the man who had meant so much to me.  I decided to try and preserve my grandfather’s story for them.  During my last visit with him at the hospital I asked if I could interview him and record the interview on videotape.  He agreed.  The result was a 50 minute video documentary of my grandfather’s life followed later by a printed life history.

A few years after my grandfather’s death, I created a similar video-based life story on my wife’s grandmother as she neared her final days. As with my grandfather, I found the project to be tremendously fulfilling for me.

​I then got busy with raising a family and managing two careers as a full-time pastor and part-time Navy Reserve Chaplain.  Twenty years passed.  Then in 2012 I retired from the Navy and concluded my full-time service as a pastor.  In the brief interlude, my passion for preserving life stories re-emerged and I decided to pursue it as a 2nd career.

​I started by interviewing veterans and writing short tributes of their military service stories.  I found several local county newspapers that were willing to publish the stories. In 2013 I added senior life stories to my newspaper article repertoire.

It wasn’t long before I was entertaining the idea of writing books on some of my senior and veteran subjects.  If I was going to write books I was going to need a publisher.  After doing some research and attending a class I decided to do my own publishing.  In March of 2013 I started “Life Story Books, LLC” as the publishing arm for my work in life story preservation. ​Since then I have completed the draft of my first book on four veterans from World War II and will begin distributing the book in January of 2014.

​I am eager to continue writing and publishing my own books as well as assisting others to write and publish books on their life stories.

Life is meant to be shared.  Preserving your life story is a great way to share your life with others so that you continue to be a blessing to them even long after you are gone.

When & Where

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Martin House
1801 w 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Cocktails: 6:00pm
Dinner: 6:30pm